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  • Bright world Ltd. is one of the leading European companies specializing in sales and distribution of laundry equipment. Since our beginnings in 2006 until now, we have opened and equipped numerous laundrettes across Croatia, spreading our business to more than 20 countries of Central and Southeastern Europe.

    Purpose and mission

    The purpose of Bright World is to make our clients’ businesses easier with professional appliances and dependability from the beginning.

    Our mission is to provide customers with high-quality, reliable products and services, and in turn helping them to thrive in their own business.

    By holding a secure position in the newly open markets we are strengthening cooperation with our partners and developing distribution in the new markets. By spreading awareness of the brand, we are continuously increasing the number of new laundries.


    Our company’s team is well-formed, flexible, and highly motivated, with the professional experience of many years standing in the industry. With the long-time experience in professional laundry business, able to meet the requirements of all kinds of customers for every issue from sales to technical support.


    Our offer includes LG professional laundry washers and dryers, electronic coin mechanisms and detergent dosing pumps.

    The products we offer are made of high-grade materials and components; steel of the highest quality that guarantees durability, functionality, and hygiene. They have low energy consumption, low emissions and much of the equipment and packaging is recyclable. They improve productivity, lower costs, reduce workload and, in today's environmentally conscious world, keep energy to a minimum.


    We believe in team work because only the group of united people can bring about significant changes. We are here for each other for almost 15 years, open and responsible in every workflow stage. Being trustworthy and ethical is what has guided us from the beginning.

    Reliability is the most important thing for us in our work with clients. We are here for you, with rich experience and knowledge which we are constantly trying to improve upon. Although we have been on the market for a while, we don’t stick on to every trend, except if we are the ones setting it. Our approach is based on research and firmly grounded, verified processes, which are compatible with the quality of our professional appliances.

    Because of all of this, Bright world is a prestigious place, a boutique company ready for regional and global challenges. We believe in being agile at work, we quickly adapt to changes and we constantly build upon our processes. LG corporation has recognized our efforts, repeatedly awarding our innovations and excellent results. Our work has been crowned with two awards – one is „LG partner of the year” we have received in 2018, and the other is for an „Outstanding growth performance” given to us in 2019.

    We believe in high-quality product and service, preservation of the environment and above all, building healthy and trustworthy partnerships. This is what kept us going for all these years and we hope it will continue to paint our future in bright colours.

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(Bijeli Svijet d.o.o.)
Ulica Grada Vukovara 5/1
Tel +385 (1) 309 18 70
Fax +385 (1) 309 18 71
email: info@brightworld.hr
INFO: +385 (91) 8 091 091
VAT ID: HR31225259453

Monday-Friday 9.00 - 17.00

We are actively looking for partners!
Bright World is actively looking for new Partners across East Europe for selling LG commercial laundry equipment.
Feel free to contact us if you are interested to sell LG commercial washers and dryers in your country or you need some additional information.