Commercial washer LG Giant C MAX

  • Commercial washer LG Giant C MAX

  • Commercial washing machine 10 KG/ MAX 13 KG
    LG Giant C MAX

    • Capacity 10 kg (max 13 kg), drum volume 103 L
    • Fast washing cycles (2-3 times faster than household washing machine)
    • Programming of up to 20 fully customized washing programs
    • Direct Drive inverter motor
    • Wi-Fi connection (Smart Solution)
    • Hot and cold water inlet
    • Connection to the single-phase electricity
    • Large door 54cm for easier loading

    2 year warranty for commercial use

    This professional washing machine is ideal for facilities that need regular washing of large quantities of laundry such as rental apartments, restaurants, small hotels and hostels, self-service laundromats, on premise laundries (OPL), camps, marinas, nursing homes and other businesses that need large washing machines.

    The LG Giant C Max professional washing machine meets these needs with its unique features:

    Embossed drum interior - more contact with the fabric creates better washing performance thanks to the embossed drum interior.

    Tilted drum - LG professional washing machine drum is tilted by 10° which allows the washing machine to have a higher water level with lower water consumption.

    Atomizing system - the nozzle inside the drum sprays water directly on the laundry and soaks it faster. This speeds up the washing process and saves water.

    LG Direct Drive motor - the motor is mounted directly on the drum which increases stability, reduces vibration and noise and increases durability. It also increases energy efficiency as there is no energy loss like with standard belt and pulley motors.

    Gyro Balancing System - detects unbalances faster via 3D Gyro sensors, better absorbs vibration and reduces unbalance via 4 dampers thus optimizing cycle time, reducing noise and vibration.

    Washer weighs the linen and adjusts the water level to the amount of linen, saving water and energy at less than full load.

    Self-heating system - the washing machines have a hot and cold water inlet where the heating system detects the water temperature and automatically adjusts the heating time. This saves time and reduces electricity consumption by up to 75%. Save time as heaters do not need time to heat cold water.

    Pre Clean - the user can run a quick, 3-minute Clean Tub Cycle to ensure the tub is sanitized and clean before they start their laundry.

    Hygiene Course - remove 99.9% of the germs, with special programs 90°C and 75°C.

    Auto Tub Clean with Waveforce - Automatic tub cleaning during first rinse to clean reminant suds. It cleans tub every normal cycle to keep clean tubs remains clean. Waveforce action gets water to hard-to-reach places.

    Tub cleaning system - a dirty tub from hours of long operation can affect washing performance. Our tub cleaning program helps you keep a clean tub even in the busiest locations.

    Laundry Lounge Management Web - control remotely by streamlining maintenance and detecting errors. Monitor the performance and adjust the settings on your entire fleet, individual locations or even a specific machine.

    Laundry Lounge User App - user can check the locations availability directly to their smartphone and even set alarm that will alert him berofe cycle ends.

    Flexible Installation - LG professional tumble dryers have the option of being mounted on a washing machine or tumble dryer and can be stacked in blocks, so they can adapt to fit into your space—not the other way around.


Capacity10,2 kg
Max capacity13 kg
Drum volume103 lit.
Heating power3,6 kW
Electric ratings220V/ 50Hz
Extract (high speed)1200 RPM
Drain systemPump
Dimensions686 x 767 x 983 mm
Weight87 kg
Add-ons and accessories - possible connection to:

  • BWO3 ozone generator
  • Token or coin charging system (single- and double-coin boxes)
  • Detergent and softener pump dispenser