Supply chain development for LG commercial equipment in CEE

Marina Knežević / 08.03.2023.
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Outstanding service is what makes Bright World different. We are aware of the importance of providing our customers with exceptional service and that is the reason we continue developing complete logistic support.

Therefore, last week, in collaboration with our logistics partners and suppliers, we thoroughly analysed our customers’ needs. The goal is to develop an optimal supply chain that will meet our clients’ requirements.

This includes:

  • reducing costs of the supply chain
  • flexibility and of solution generating ability
  • real-time information about orders and shipments
  • simplicity of use with full service for all of our customers’ needs

Bright World simplifies the concept of a direct-delivery supply chain by reducing procurement costs and avoiding many hands in the distribution chain. Focus on our customers is supported by competence in new technologies and processes.


We continue expanding, growing our market and developing new creative ways of laundry equipment distribution. If you want to become a reseller of LG Professional laundry equipment – contact us! 

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