Sales and technical education for our partners

Marina Knežević / 05.02.2024.
prodajno-tehnička edukacija 1

In order to continuously improve cooperation with our partners across Europe, we recently organized sales and technical education for our laundry devices.

The education gathered members of our One Team from Greece, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Estonia, Albania, and the Czech Republic.

We have guided our partners in more detail regarding the technological innovations and advantages of our professional devices, thus providing knowledge that will help them provide the best solutions for their clients' laundries.

In addition to the technological aspect, the focus was also on sharing sales techniques that have proven successful in our work.

Through combining theory and practice, the education enabled our partners to acquire practical knowledge and skills, which will be of great value to them in the daily challenges of the laundry business.

Interactive workshops and discussions provided a forum for the exchange of ideas and experience among team members from different European countries, which enriched their educational experience even further.

We continue to conduct gatherings like these to strengthen the ties between One Team members and ensure joint growth in the market.


We want to thank our partners again for participating and share a glimpse of the atmosphere with you in the photo gallery below: