Happy Women's Day 2024!

Marina Knežević / 08.03.2024.
dan zena naslovna

From the old washerwomen to today's owners of modern laundries - women throughout history have played a huge role in shaping this industry

Through each period of change and challenge, women have shown an extraordinary ability to adapt to technical innovations, which are constant in this industry. 

Their skill, diligence and attention to detail have become synonymous with quality service

At the same time, persistence and entrepreneurial spirit created numerous successful laundry owners who found their way into this business and became their own bosses. 

On the international celebration of Women's Day, below we bring you three inspiring women and three entrepreneurial stories.

Iva Rakić, Iva Laundry

In the very center of the city of Šibenik, Mrs. Iva Rakić realized her long-standing entrepreneurial dream and opened a laundry named Iva. The decision to open a laundry service in a tourist town turned out to be a great business move and to ensure top performance, she turned to our team for support.

Marijana Đukić, Sara Laundry

After finishing school, Mrs. Marijana was doing seasonal work at the coast and then spent four years in the textile industry. As time went by, she realized she wouldn’t get the opportunity for advancement and decided to start my own business.

Antonija Mican, Mucica Laundry

After years of working in the tourism and hospitality sector, Mrs. Antonija decided to take her future into her own hands and contact our team to find the best business solution. Today, she is the proud owner of the Mucica laundry in the city of Rijeka!


Dear ladies, we wish you a happy international Women's Day! Let the stories of our entrepreneurs be a reminder and inspiration that you can achieve anything you imagine!