Three years of the first Romanian LG Laundry Lounge launderette’s success

Marina Knežević / 03.04.2023.

Three years have passed since the first LG Laundry Lounge launderette in Romania opened. Three years of work, growth and a big success! The city of Bacău in the east of the country had a unique opportunity of becoming the first host and this story continues to expand to other Romanian cities ever since. First launderette’s success fuelled high demand for this business.

We wanted to take a look back at this success story from today’s perspective and talked to our Romanian partner to recall how the process of opening a premium launderette went for its owner.

LG Laundry Lounge

LG Laundry Lounge is a designer self-service launderette branded by LG Corporation and equipped with LG professional washers and dryers. The “Lounge” part of the name offers an additional benefit: the point of the whole concept is not only laundry washing and drying but also spending time in the laundry room while using free internet, watching TV, drinking coffee or juice, hanging out, talking… The goal is to create a nice and cozy atmosphere similar to the one you have at home with your family.

LG Laundry Lounge family keeps getting larger day by day. Today there are over 100 laundries worldwide, with the largest number in Asia, including China, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam. When it comes to the European market, the largest number of them is in Italy and Spain, and this successful international story didn’t bypass Romania either.

Steady business for stable future 

Talking about his clients who start their laundry businesses with his support, our Romanian partner points out:

“People who enter this business don’t necessarily want to get rich overnight but ensure a steady income and stable future for themselves. The laundry industry is crisis-resistant and demand for laundry services is growing every day.”

Lady who owns Bacău’s LG Laundry Lounge already had entrepreneurial experience since she was an owner of the transport company. She was looking for something new she could invest her capital in and self-service laundry was exactly what she wanted – new and original but at the same time very secure business venture!

With expert support to success

The owner researched on the Internet a lot and eventually contacted our BW partner in Romania. He recalls:

“In the beginning, she faced the challenge of finding an adequate location for the laundry, but that was successfully resolved and the process of realization could begin.”

As with every LG Laundry Lounge opening, she was given strong guidelines and best practices. She also got clear instructions for interior adaptation to make sure the space is optimally used. 3D modelling, which includes the space and installation plan, was of great help in this process. She was also given the guidelines for interior design with an accent on strong visual identity. Finally, she got help with the opening ceremony planning.

A devices package that LG Laundry Lounge is equipped with includes:

This equipment combination enables optimal work of the self-service laundry. This way clients don’t have to wait for others to finish so they could use the equipment.

When it comes to payment, clients have different options. Since LG professional devices can be easily connected to various billing systems – from classic coin boxes to contactless payment systems, clients can choose between paying with coins or tokens or with cards.

Another factor that our partner stresses as very important and contributing to the launderette’s success is the owner’s commitment to promotion: “She is doing a great job in promoting her business on social media, she is very prompt and active!”

Together at every stage

“The owner is very satisfied with our collaboration. She gave me her trust in the very beginning and together we walked step-by-step to the first Romanian launderette’s success. She knows she can always come to me with any question or situation where she needs help” our partner concludes and adds:

“Anyone can buy the equipment at a slightly lower price, but what do you do afterwards? That is an option that always turns out way more expensive in the end. With expert support, you get access to all the knowledge and skills acquired through years and years of work. We are together at every stage – from idea to realization and aftersales support!


You’re dreaming of starting your own self-service laundry? Become a part of the LG Laundry Lounge family! LG Laundry Lounge laundries are a fantastic opportunity if you want the recognition of the LG brand and top LG professional devices, a ready-made visual identity and international networking.

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