Visit the self- service laundrette Stop & wash and save time and money

Sonja Krivokapić / 18.11.2019.

For residents of Špansko and Malešnica districts, Špansko market is the favorite place for doing a weekly or monthly food supply and hanging out with friends. It’s a place where people from these two districts can relax and unwind from everyday worries, especially during weekends.

However, today’s life doesn’t leave us much room for slowing down. It’s speedy and getting speedier, which often means we have a need to shorten the time of household chores such as cleaning and washing, and to cut the expenses as well. Self-service laundrette Stop&wash with its address in Špansko satisfies exactly this need when it comes to doing laundry.

When finished shopping, you can drop your laundry off, let the LG professional machines wash and dry it, and just pick it up later. The time of washing and drying laundry makes it so much shorter with LG professional washing machines and dryers.

“In today’s world we live fast, eat fast, but we can wash laundry fast as well”, says the owner of Stop&wash Paulina Mihoci. The location of the laundrette is great because of its proximity to Špansko market, and for those living a bit further, there is parking space available”, she adds while taking a sip of coffee.

The usage of laundrettes is really easy on the wallet and it also saves time. The owner of Stop&wash says she might open up an ironing room as well. So if you are near Špansko or you happen to walk or drive by it, make sure you visit the Stop&wash laundrette and save some time and money.