LG appliances in Rovinj

Sonja Krivokapić / 31.01.2020.

Last year just before summertime, beautiful Rovinj gained a laundry with LG professional washer and dryer in a hotel, and an ironer found its home among this company as well. They settled comfortably in a small hotel called The Melegran, and judging by its employees’ opinions, love goes both ways. Although it took a little while for them to grasp how to operate the appliances, after a month it all started to run much smoother.

At that time, they had a chance to get to know the benefits and qualities of an LG professional washer, dryer and ironer – extremely high quality and reliability were the words used to describe the appliances.

All is well that ends well, as they say, and that is certainly the case here because the whole story started with good intentions and a good plan – the hotel’s employees wanted to have laundry appliances at their reach to run the business more easily. Of course, this is related to the customers’ satisfaction, who have fast access to excellently washed laundry.

And all this thanks to the marketing by word of mouth, because the hotel’s employees have heard of Bright world via another hotel in Rovinj, which also has LG professional washers and dryers and are satisfied with them. So, let the satisfaction last!