Knowledge and experience exchange with Shanghai experts

Marina Knežević / 26.04.2023.
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Last week in our Bright World passed in the atmosphere of an international gathering. To our great pleasure, we have exchanged experience in our business segment with our partner company from China.

We are always happy to host our business partners and when it comes to international visits it is always very special because it also means a valuable exchange of different world markets experiences.

The Chinese market is well known as one of the most competitive in the world, standing out with new laundry equipment technologies continuous development. Bright World, as one of the leading European distributors, actively follows trends and provides its clients with the most innovative product offer. That’s why we are so pleased we got the opportunity for extending and sharing of knowledge.

We started their welcome to Zagreb with a relaxed meeting in our office, where we talked about the latest trends and the future of the profession. We enriched the day with presentations through which we compared experiences from the European and Chinese markets and talked about collaboration on new solutions development.



We also had the opportunity to visit our dear clients in their laundries to talk about their present experiences and future plans. For our Chinese partners, this was a valuable ‘first-hand’ insight into European examples of successful laundries.



To make the visit to Croatia an unforgettable experience for our partners, in the break from the formal part of the gathering, we provided them with a few beautiful tourist experiences. At the very end, we expressed satisfaction with the reliability of our partnership and a wish for its continuation long in the future.