Why wouldn’t Crikvenica have its Laundry Lounge laundromat?

Sonja Krivokapić / 07.02.2020.

Laundry Lounge laundromat in Crikvenica – to open or not to open? That’s the question which its future owners have posed to themselves when they decided to move from Zagreb to Crikvenica to start their own business. Although the question reminds us of the famous Hamlet’s question, future owners were not in agony as the famous Danish prince was. In fact, after they overcame initial fears and feelings of insecurity which are an inevitable part of entering any new adventure, be it a business one or not, it turned out that starting their own business was a lot easier than Hamlet’s moral dilemmas.

And so the decision to open a first Laundry Lounge laundromat in Crikvenica was made. The owners saw that there is a need for this kind of service, especially when it comes to large articles of laundry, such as blankets, pillowcases, quilts, and others. They are extremely satisfied with the way LG professional washers and dryers wash and dry laundry. They love the concept of Laundry Lounge as well, because the appliances look like domestic washers and so instill trust in people, but they have a larger drum capacity than domestic ones which makes them better.

As in the case of other owners which we have written about, in this case, marketing via word of mouth took the leading role – they have heard about Bright world from another laundromat owner who has 4 LG professional washers and dryers and decided to spring into action.

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark, but with Laundry Lounge laundromat in the town of Crikvenica, there certainly isn’t.

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