Meet the team – Maja Lalek (market development manager)

Marina Knežević / 24.03.2023.
meet our team - maja l

Daily growth of Bright World wouldn’t be possible without our diligent team and domestic and international market sales development has a huge role here. 


Our Maja is a true virtuoso in her business, which includes leading key European partners from 20 European countries and Central and Eastern European market development. This business segment comes along with a lot of travel and partner visits and Maja is an expert here. She’s been with us for the last three and a half years and has a rich twodecadeslong experience of work in the international environment, with an accent on communication, education and project management. 


For Maja, every day is different and brings new opportunities for learning and growth.  


Communication with partners makes the largest part of my work day. There’s plenty of e-mails, messages, phone calls,…I start my day with business leads generationand implementation and also delivery coordination. Later on, I focus on communication with partners about potential projects and communication with potential distributors. I also provide help with sales and technical questions. When it comes to our marketing team, we are always in coordination about preparing campaigns and materials for our partners.” 


What Maja likes the most about her job is definitely its dynamic. Along with standard everyday tasks, there are numerous trips, partner visits, fairs, sales educations, workshops,technical trainings,…I have an opportunity for meeting new people all the time and I love learning from them. Each man has a different story and each of them can inspire you for your professional or even personal growth. Partners always make an effort and take their time to host us in the best manner. When you meet your partner in person too, you get a bigger picture about them, their country and culture and this helps further collaboration a lost” she says and adds: 


“International business comes along with its challenges, like cultural differences and language barriers. We live in a region that is known for its wealth of nations, cultures and customs and that means a big diversity in ways of doing business. But as the partnership develops and time goes on, we understand their business ways more and more easily. We get to understand their and their clients’ needs and they get to see reliable advisers in us, rather than just suppliers. 


“When I look back at this three and a half years – we have created so much, we have visited so many places and formed so many amazing friendships and partnerships! I love when we create new things, follow trends, travel, learn and associate. Flexibility and creativity that working in Bright World gives me mean a lot to me.” 


“Colleagues are great! From the beginning, when I had to learn all the technical information until today – when someone needs to ‘jump in’ with office assignments while -  I’m on a business trip – everyone wants to help. I’m so happy to work in an environment that wants to create more for our partners and customers but also for the team!