Technical training in a cabinet of famous inventor

Antonija Jurič / 06.12.2022.

For our technicians, we have organized technical training for LG and Electrolux Professional laundry equipment. We were thrilled that more than 40 participants from 4 countries: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Slovenia gathered together at Technical Museum Nikola Tesla for this event.

Our colleagues from the aftersales department went through the most common issues that technicians face in their practice. We expressed our wishes to continue a pleasant collaboration and let our technicians know we are always here for them.

At the cabinet of Nikola Tesla, we have organized a demonstration of this famous inventor’s innovations. It has been a great joy for our technicians, considering they come from a technical field.
As thanks for their participation and memory of this pleasant encounter, we have prepared special gifts for our guests, among which is the technical manual, so they can always have a ‘cheat sheet’ nearby.

This has been a unique opportunity to gather together and exchange valuable experiences. Check out our photo gallery and catch a glimpse of the atmosphere.