Five ways a laundromat can increase your income

Antonija Jurič / 14.07.2022.

Although a laundry service may seem like an additional expense, the truth is quite different. By offering your customers the option of washing and drying their laundry, you can easily increase your income. Here's everything you need to know.



A self-service laundromat is an inevitable element for camps that put quality first and want happy and satisfied guests. With our professional devices, the service will be complete: in the shortest possible time, guests will have perfectly clean clothes and towels. Also, guests who stay in the camp for a long time need to do laundry several times during their stay, especially families with children. That's why you can't go wrong with a self-service laundry inside the camp that offers quick washing and drying at an immediate distance from the accommodation. Guests will appreciate it, and they are always willing to pay for good service.

Kamp Zagreb


A similar story applies to marinas. The self-service laundry proved to be a big hit here as well, as both ship's crews and guests need a safe and clean place to keep their clothes, towels, and bed linen clean, but also need to wash decorative pillows from salt. Transit marinas are a special challenge, where guests stay only as long as they need to complete all their tasks. In this case, the real champions are our professional devices with short programs. They are two to three times faster than household appliances, so they offer easy and fast hygienic laundry cleaning which can easily fit into guests' busy schedules. Visitors of marinas have higher purchasing power, and they are ready to pay for fast, good, and quality service, even at a higher price. This means that the return on the investment in the laundry is even faster, and a good reputation travels fast, which means a well-equipped, high-quality marina will attract new guests.

Marina ACI - Medulin


Regarding hotels on the coast, the calculation is simple: guests bring a little bit of clothes with them during their vacation, so they need to do their laundry (stains from ice cream and other accidents). Although hotels offer laundry services per item, for a large family, such services are too expensive or must wait too long. Offer them an alternative. A bonus is if they can dry it without using bathrooms and balcony railings. And in this case, guests will appreciate a good additional service, which means they will pay for it. And you get a good reputation, permanent and potentially new guests, and a nicer appearance of the hotel's balcony.


The laundry corner has numerous advantages in healthcare facilities such as hospitals. First of all - LG professional devices have an ozone generator, which raises hygiene to a completely new level by eliminating all viruses and bacteria from laundry with the natural power of ozone. LG devices also offer special hygiene programs for washing machines and dryers that ensure perfect hygiene. This means that the family can take care of the clothes of their loved ones during the visit, the laundry stays in the hospital and there can be no transmission of infection, bacteria, or viruses to other family members.


And finally, if you offer facility management, expand your services for renters. In addition to the cleaning service of apartments, villas, and other facilities, you can also provide laundry washing, collection, and delivery services. All this is manageable during the actual cleaning. Really effortless way to expand your service, increase your profit and raise the quality of your business to a new level.

We gave you a few ideas on how to upgrade your services and earn more, and now it’s your turn. Contact us with your laundromat idea, and we will help you choose the best solution for your business.


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