Holidays in the spirit of children and their loved ones – we have donated to the organizations “Fala” and “Project happiness”

Sonja Krivokapić / 30.12.2019.

As in the case of the last year, we have donated to the organizations “Fala” and “Project happiness” this year as well. These humanitarian organizations provide help for children with mental, behavioral, emotional and other disabilities, each in its way. “Project Happiness” organizes therapies and humanitarian activities, while “Fala” holds therapeutic riding programs. The purpose of both organizations is the children's’ wellbeing. To achieve it, “Project happiness” dedicates its resources to uncover wider social problems as causes of children’s difficulties, along with with the other activities it organizes, while “Fala” tries to improve motor skills and coordination and spatial ability, as well as the psycho-emotional and mental state of children.

Calling this dedicated and often hard work’s bright moments a success would entail certain poverty of language, due to the vortex of emotions and insights this experience brings. Because of this and because of the social importance these projects carry, Bright world has recognized that it can and should play a role in it.