Luxurious aparthotel in Croatian island chooses LG Professional

Marina Knežević / 18.08.2023.

Numerous beautiful beaches and coves, crystal clear sea, sunny hills covered with vineyards and rich cultural heritage - this is all the island of Brač, the third biggest Croatian island and one of the most famous tourist destinations in the country.

But the best-known symbol of the island is, without a doubt, Golden Horn (Zlatni rat) beach, included in the list of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world.

What makes the Golden Horn special is its shape which slowly changes depending on the sea currents and waves. Covered in fine pebbles, the beach stretches like a small peninsula towards the sea. Thanks to the wind called “Maestral” which regularly blows during nice weather, it is a favourite among windsurfers.

Belado Residence Bol

On a fantastic location in the very heart of the Bol, near this popular beach, you can find the luxurious aparthotel Belado Residence Bol. This type of accommodation is very popular among tourists since it combines the best of the apartments and hotels, offering larger space and commotion, while providing additional services like the ones you can get in a hotel.

Belado Residence Bol captivates with the combination of traditional Brač stone and modern architecture, along with the breathtaking view over the sea. Spacious apartments with charming Mediterranean details, terraces, a jacuzzi and a swimming pool are an ideal choice for families and larger guest groups.

Belado Residence Bol (source:

Quality in the hands of a family

The owner Daniel Vdović runs the aparthotel as a family business. He finds this the key to success, since this way he can have larger control over all processes.

"Guests love our accommodation and highest grades on the platform only confirm this! Along with the attractive location, they praise our service and family hospitality. We are especially proud of our hygiene grades' average, which is 9.9 and that takes a lot of effort" he says.

"Earlier, we used external laundry services, but as time went by, we realized we want this part of the business to stay in the family, too and ensure only the top laundry hygiene this way. We have a large number of towels, sheets, robes, dishtowels, etc. and we want to make sure everything is impeccably clean. Also, for our guests, we offer the service of washing their personal laundry which is included in the accommodation price, and it must work without flaws!"

Belado Residence Bol (source:

LG Professional for the best results

"To ensure the top quality, we needed, of course, the top-quality equipment!" explains Mr. Daniel. He contacted our Bright World, presented his wishes and needs, and after consulting with our team, opted for the following professional equipment:

LG Giant professional washing machine (10 kg capacity)

LG Giant professional dryer (10 kg capacity)

From the first call to installation, only a month has passed. Vdović family is especially thrilled with the equipment's simplicity of use and our aftersales service.

"These are quality and incredibly simple machines! I would recommend LG Professional to all renters. The price-quality ratio is great, and I am more than satisfied" he concludes.

Laundry in the aparthotel Belado Residence Bol

Ensure top laundry hygiene for your hotels and apartment guests with LG Professional equipment and contact us today!


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