A boutique resort in Greece loves LG Professional

Marina Knežević / 07.07.2023.
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Greek islands are known as a true gem of the Mediterranean. Thanks to their natural beauties, rich history, amazing gastronomy and unique charm, they can regularly be found at the very top of world tourist destinations’ most popular lists

Evia, the second-largest Greek island, is no exception here. It is best known for its long beaches, pine woods and healing thermal springs.

Modern accommodation in a traditional environment

Evia is the home of a magical resort named Zarka Villas, situated on nine acres of hillside olive grove, perfectly combining cozy, modern accommodation and a relaxing, rural landscape. The location is perfect for discovering the islands’ hidden treasures

Zarka Villas (source: zarkavillas.com)

Guests of the resort can stay in a traditional stone villa renowated in a modern way or one of the two newer stone villas, that don’t stand out of the authentic Greek style at all. They also have a large swimming pool and a jaccuzzi at disposal.

The central structure is a large circular hall of 12 meters in diameter that can be used for events such as weddings, meetings, seminars, lectures, dance, music, yoga and art classes.

A lot of facilities – a lot of laundry

Numerous facilities of the resort also mean a demand for washing, drying and ironing a large number of towels, sheets, tablecloths, dishtowels, etc. Therefore, the BW team in Greece has equipped the resort’s laundry with professional products that respond to these needs perfectly. It includes:

• 2 x LG Giant washing machine (10 kg capacity)
• 2 x LG Giant dryer (10 kg capacity)
• GMP flatwork ironer (140 cm)

With this equipment combination, there’s no place for fear of not having enough clean laundry at disposal in the resort, which is especially important during the tourist season. The owner points out:

“LG Giant dryer is a great choice for resorts! The drum volume is twice as large as the compatible LG Giant washing machine, so we can have the entire filling dried at once. Since we dry large amounts of laundry every day, this is very beneficial for us!”

From grooves in concrete to top LG Professional equipment

High-quality laundry equipment enables quick and simple washing and drying today, but in the past everything was different. Zarka Villas’ guests can see this firsthand. Considering Greece is the cradle of civilization, it doesn’t come as a surprise you can find the remains of an old, authentic laundry room here.

“This was the original laundry room on Evia! Housekeepers from the island’s south were coming here to wash the laundry. The holes were filled with water, and grooves in concrete served as a form of washboard, to increase the friction. Luckily, things are a bit easier today” the owner laughs.

Ensure top laundry hygiene for your resorts, apartments and villas guests with LG Professional equipment and contact us today!

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