Laundrette, and a mobile one at that!

Sonja Krivokapić / 26.06.2020.

Hygiene might have been the most important secondary thing in the world, something like football, but now it's the most important one. Although parents and other childhood authority figures acquaint us with it since the early days, hygiene which we need now entails different steps which we haven't implemented in our daily lives before, such as wearing masks, disinfecting our hands frequently and so on. One of the key aspects of hygiene is laundry washing because, as we know, viruses like COVID-19 is transmitted through the laundry.

Why a laundrette?

Hygiene now needs to be present everywhere for it to be complete, and mobility is the key part of that. For that reason, we offer mobile laundries and with them, of course, laundry equipment.

But what are other advantages of laundrettes, except for their accessibility? Our professional washers and dryers can be installed in all stabile objects which have water and electricity supply as well as a water drain. In case there is no stabile object, they can be installed in mobile containers. Besides, because they are only 68 cm wide, they can go through all doors with no problem and they are simple to install because they have a 220V (single-phase) connection.

Who needs a mobile laundrette?

Various facilities need laundries and laundry equipment, especially those who don't already have a specialized space for laundry, so the mobile one is the most practical solution - hospitals, health facilities, universities, army, fire departments, care homes... As we can see, laundries are needed almost everywhere.

What are our machines for laundries like?

First of all, our professional washers and dryers wash and dry laundry in the most hygienic way possible. How do they do that? They have built into them high-quality hygienic technology and hygienic programs - they clean thoroughly the inside of the washer with their strong water waves, removing viruses and bacteria, and they decontaminate laundry in the process of washing. It's also important to emphasize the antibacterial coating which they possess, and which enables the viruses and bacteria to retain themselves. Since they are like this, it would be desirable that they would stay that way. And they do live a long life because they are made from the firmest of materials.

Besides, our equipment has a great ability of energy use, which guarantees high productivity and low work expenses.

And with all of this, opening a laundrette for stabile objects and mobile containers alike has never been more vital than today, and never more accessible either. If you agree and require opening one, contact us.