LG Laundry Lounge is becoming more and more popular in Romania

Marina Knežević / 06.03.2023.
Satu Mare 1

LG Laundry Lounge is a designer self-service launderette branded by LG Corporation and equipped with LG professional washers and dryers. The “Lounge” part of the name offers an additional benefit: the point of the whole concept is not only laundry washing and drying but also spending time in the laundry room while using free internet, watching TV, drinking coffee or juice, hanging out, talking… The goal is to create an atmosphere like the one you have at home with your family.

LG Laundry Lounge family keeps getting larger day by day. Today there are over 100 laundries worldwide, with the largest number in Asia, including China, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam. When it comes to the European market, the largest number of them is in Italy and Spain.

This successful international story didn’t bypass Romania either. After the big success of LG Laundry Lounge in the eastern city of Bacău, the turn has come to the North of the country – the city of Satu Mare!

We talked with our Romanian partner Marcus from LG B2B LAUNDRY to find out how another successful collaboration occurred and how the whole process went for the laundry owner.

New project for new success

“Laundry owner had a previous experience in entrepreneurship, but also with self-service systems – had automatic carwash for years. He was the pioneer in this business in the city of Satu Mare. Prompted by his own business success and restless entrepreneurial spirit, he wanted to be first in another new business idea in this city” says Marcus.

“We got in touch and, among other things, started talking about the ideal location for the laundry. Because of the nature of his job, which implies direct contact with many people, he has many acquaintances, so the search for adequate space didn’t last long. A perfect opportunity came up and the rent deal was made very soon.”

The space is placed in the area which includes many smaller shops and businesses. Numerous successful neighbours-entrepreneurs also mean a large number of people, which is important for the self-service laundry’s success. There is also easy access to the laundry and available parking spaces. This is important since clients don’t want to carry the laundry in their hands too far away.

The entire process from idea to realization was very quick – in only one and a half month the new LG Laundry Lounge started with work!

Strong guidelines and best practices

One of the key factors that made this process so smooth and efficient was the fact that the owner took the guidelines he was given by the expert team very seriously.

“The installation of the equipment took only a month. The owner is very precise and has a lot of technical knowledge. When opening an LG Laundry Lounge, BW team gives owners strong guidelines and best practices. Therefore, the owner was given clear instructions for interior adaptation to make sure the space is optimally used. 3D modelling, which includes the space and installation plan, was of great help in this process. He was also given the guidelines for interior design with the accent on strong visual identity” explains Marcus.

A devices package that LG Laundry Lounge is equipped with includes:

This equipment combination enables optimal work of the self-service laundry. Clients don’t have to wait for others to finish so they could use the equipment.

When it comes to payment, clients have different options. Since LG professional devices can be easily connected to various billing systems – from classic coin boxes to contactless payment systems, clients can choose between paying with coins or tokens or with cards.

The always available aftersales service team

Also, an indispensable factor in this success story is the aftersales service. “The owner is very happy with the collaboration, especially with always available after-sales support. It’s important to always be there for your clients, for any question or situation they may have, because that gives them security and builds mutual trust” says Marcus, our partner from LG B2B LAUNDRY.

You’re dreaming about opening your own self-service laundry? Become a part of the LG Laundry Lounge family! LG Laundry Lounge laundries are a fantastic opportunity if you want the recognition of the LG brand and top LG professional devices, a ready-made visual identity and international networking.


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