Csepp Laundry – Self-service laundry in the heart of Budapest

Marina Knežević / 08.05.2024.

In the heart of Budapest, where tradition and modernity meet, one project stands out as a response to the community's growing needs – the self-service laundry Csepp Laundry.

Behind this successful venture is our Hungarian partner Karoly, known in our One Team as a first-class expert in his field. Karoly opens and runs laundries in the Hungarian capital and, as a resident, knows the trends and conditions of the local market very well.

Challenge: The growing need for self-service laundries in the city

"Whether you are a tourist exploring the city or a resident living in the immediate vicinity, everyone is facing the same challenge - how to keep your clothes clean and fresh in this hectic lifestyle," says Karoly.

Therefore, he wisely recognized the clear need for a fast and quality laundry service in this area.

Solution: Self-service laundry equipped with LG Professional

When it comes to laundry devices, Karoly is a walking encyclopedia - including service knowledge. Through many years of experience in maintenance and installation, he has become familiar with the different needs of clients and the situations they face. Guided by this knowledge, he chooses LG professional devices for his business.

For Csepp Laundry, he decided on the following combination of devices and accessories:

To make the user experience as good as possible, Karoly decided on a combination of coin and contactless payment systems:

"The laundromat provides users with more payment options - both coins and cards are accepted, which makes the whole process simple and flexible. Users appreciate the customization provided for their specific needs," he points out.

Results: Happy clients

Csepp Laundry quickly became a favorite destination for everyone looking for fast and efficient washing and drying of their laundry.

"The primary clientele consists of locals who live in the surrounding districts, but given our central location, we often get visited by tourists staying in the city," says Karoly and adds:

"As for the types of laundry that clients wash most often, it is mostly about everyday clothes but also bed linen and towels. They are pleased with the results that LG professional devices offer and are happy to return!”

By continuously listening and adapting to the needs of users, Karoly continues to provide top-notch service:

"Csepp Laundry is not only a place for washing and drying clothes, but also a symbol of practicality, which is an indispensable part of modern life in European metropolises such as Budapest," he concludes.


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