Camping Bijela Uvala – Modern laundry for the top class campsite

Marina Knežević / 13.03.2023.
Bijela Uvala cijeli kamp

Camping is becoming a more and more popular type of tourist facility in Croatia. Among European camping enthusiasts, we are well known for our long tradition and attractive natural locations, often placed by the very sea.

To continue this successful trend, it is important to follow tourist market trends and the biggest trend today is, without a doubt, - digitalization.

Digitalization for camps means the implementation of technological solutions for guests, from the online application and choosing the pitch to numerous other services, like online communication with the staff and mobile application for finding the nearest beaches.

Camp's self-service laundries are no exception here. Guests, who most often come from foreign countries, are used to cashless payment and mobile apps. Therefore they have the same expectations when using the self-service laundry.

Camping Bijela Uvala keeps pace with trends

Plava Laguna’s Camping Bijela Uvala, which operates under the Istra Camping brand, has also recognized the importance of digitalization. Placed close to Poreč, the city of rich history and numerous attractions, it’s been recognized as one of the best Croatian campsites.

Bijela Uvala offers pitches under centuries-old trees, that provide a nice amount of natural shade in the summertime. Beautiful beaches run the entire length of the campsite. There are also four swimming pools, sports courts, cafes, restaurants, an animation center, etc. Everyone can find something for themselves and that’s why all generations can have a great time here.

“Step by step, we have implemented digitalization in every segment of the campsite – from the reception desk and swimming pools to self-service laundry. Also, year by year we are increasing the Wi-Fi coverage. Today, digitalization is simply an imperative” says Denis Maras, head of the campsite’s technical service.

Modernly equipped laundry

Camping Bijela Uvala is categorized with four stars. To enter the top class, it needed to meet the standards of Croatian campsites categorization, which include the availability of adequate laundry.

Together, we've deliberated campsite's laundry demands and following our Bright World's advice, they opted for:

They also opted for BW detergent dosing pumps, which automatically and precisely dose liquid detergents in every wash cycle. This prevents errors that occur with manual dosing, like excessive amounts or spilling the detergent and ensures better washing effects. Equally divided detergent doses also lead to significant savings.

„Since we already had a laundry, we wanted to make another step forward and provide our guests with the most modern equipment with premium technology. We are very satisfied with LG Professional equipment and so are the guests, who are thrilled with the simplicity of use. There is also an economic factor - since they are using less water and energy, the savings are significant“ says campsite's general manager Lorena Radovčić.

Denis Maras, head of the campsite’s technical service, adds: „We are very happy with the communication with your technicians, too. They are always available for any question or situation. This type of support means a lot, especially during the tourist season when everything has to work impeccably.” 

Cashless payment in the laundry – another ''plus''

When it comes to payment, the campsite's management was initially interested in the coin system. But, taking into consideration the size of the campsite and its guests' structure, which is primarily constituted of tourists from foreign countries, who are used to cashless payment, we recommended an advanced solution. Today, all modern self-service laundries are turning to cashless payment systems.

Therefore, last year in April cashless payment system has been successfully installed in Camping Bijela Uvala. Denis Maras, head of the campsite’s technical service says – “without a doubt, for our specific needs, these systems have turned out to be a better choice than traditional coin systems. This way, campsite guests can enjoy the benefits of the modern way of life and digitalization when using the laundry, too.”

Cashless payment systems offer numerous benefits for the owners too, including:

  • live analytics of usage & revenue generation
  • ability to offer loyalty programs
  • remote refunds
  • simple price changing
  • promotional pricing to drive traffic during low turn periods
  • eliminating problems that occur with coin collecting and legal regulations which need to be respected when operating with cash

Laundry – a standard for every modern campsite

“The biggest benefit that self-service laundry brought us is, without a doubt, – guests’ satisfaction. Guests have a laundry in their immediate proximity, available from 8 am to 9 pm – so basically the whole day. They stay in the campsite for a longer time, so they have the need to wash their laundry, most often a few times during their stay. That’s why it means a lot to them to have this option within grasp” says Anđelka Šarić, the campsite’s housekeeper.

Denis Maras, head of the campsite’s technical service, concludes: “Today, a self-service laundry is essential for every camp. Of course, it is an additional source of income, but above all – a standard for every quality, modern campsite!”


Join the top class with LG Professional equipment! Tourist season is starting soon, preparations are in full swing, and perspective campsites know that the laundry is a quality standard today. If you want to provide the best wash solutions for your guests, contact us and enter the new season ready!

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