Excellent appliances for excellent hotel business

Sonja Krivokapić / 28.01.2020.

When it comes to the practical side of the hotel business, the cleanliness of laundry cannot be an overlooked segment. Clean laundry is key to a hotel's success because it constitutes an important part of an overnight stay. This is why you need to have appliances that can do quality washing and drying, and LG professional washers and dryers are certainly capable of fulfilling these expectations. Their sustainability, endurance, top technology, and intuitive programs don't leave their users wanting more. They themselves confirmed this. They told us stories about their experiences, about which you can read here and here.

As LG professional washers and dryers don't leave much space for unfulfilled desires, they do leave plenty of space for usage when it comes to hotels. In fact, there are a lot of possibilities. A hotel laundry can wash towels and mantles for wellness as well as standard hotel laundry such as sheets, pillowcases, and towels. A hotel can also open a laundry for washing mops and rags, as well as a laundry which would take care of employees' work uniforms, and there is also a possibility of Laundry corner which would wash the clothes of hotel's guests.

The possibilities for usage are various, and LG appliances are the ones who can take those many possibilities and launch them into a successful business.