First self-service laundry on Murter Island

Marina Knežević / 03.10.2023.
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When entrepreneurial spirit and original ideas meet, inspiring stories are written! A great example is Mr. Mihovil Bašić and his

The first tourist season was a great success for the first self-service laundry on the Croatian Island of Murter.

An idea born in - Thailand

As a tourism-oriented entrepreneur, Mr. Mihovil wisely recognized the need for this service on the island with a long tourist tradition.

„I have my own tourist agency and during the season I organize 'dolphin watching' boat excursions, which have gained great popularity among the tourist in the last few years. When the season is over, every winter I spend a month or two in Thailand. There, I was in a situation where I had to wash my laundry in various laundries and I got the idea - my Murter Island has no self-service laundry, so why wouldn't I start one?“ he recalls.

Decisively into realization

After the initial idea, things started moving quickly.

“As soon as I got the idea, in Thailand, I started preparing the groundwork and researching online. In February I made my first contact with your Bright World. My wish was to start the work at the beginning of June. When I came back to Croatia, we immediately started preparing everything and the first step was finding adequate space.”

Luckily, the search didn’t take long.

“This is a small community where everyone knows everyone. That’s why I’ve collected all the information about available spaces in only one day. Out of three potential spaces, one fulfilled the requirements and we got everything arranged” he says.

According to Bright World’s advice, he opted for the equipment package that perfectly responds to self-service laundry’s demands, making it possible for clients not to wait their turn to use it. The package includes:

3D modelling has been used, which helped Mr. Mihovil get the final impression.

“I had an idea in my mind what everything should look like and 3D modelling helped me confirm my vision is going in the right direction” he says.

He complemented his budget with a small loan, equipment has been delivered and installed and the business could start!

Exactly what the island was missing

Mr. Mihovil also implemented a drop-off service, which gives clients more flexibility.

“All they need to do is to bring in their laundry during the drop-off service working hours and pick it up at the agreed time. This way, clients can enjoy coffee or swimming while their clothes are being washed and dried” he explains and adds:

“I am very pleased with LG professional equipment and my clients also describe it as simple, practical and quality!”

That this entrepreneurial idea was a score is best confirmed with clients’ reactions.

“Clients are very satisfied, this is exactly what the Island of Murter was missing. Most of them are tourists who reside in camps and apartments, so it’s very practical for them they can quickly and quality wash and dry their laundry and continue enjoying the vacation carefree.”


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