A workshop for even better teamwork in 2023

Antonija Jurič / 31.01.2023.
Bijeli Svijet radionica - tim

Company culture is something that happens no matter if we are planning it or not. Among its key elements are the values we live on every level – personal, team, company and business.

At the workshop recently held at Cotrugli Business School, we once again defined the main values we cherish as a team.

Here at Bright World, we firmly believe in teamwork because only a cohesive group can make significant changes. So, we've put an accent on topics like collegiality, understanding, and support that are essential for successful collaboration.

Since we spend a major part of our day at work, it is important that this time is pleasant and that we feel fulfilled and appreciated at the end of the day. A good work environment is crucial for overall satisfaction with one's job.

After we finished the first part of the workshop, we had a lunch break and a relaxed conversation.
The second part of the workshop focused on the importance of values in working with clients. For us, reliability is the key here. Since the very start, we care a lot about our clients' trust, which we achieve through open communication and strong ethics. The same goes for partnerships, which need to be healthy and reliable to be successful and long-term.

We concluded that there is so much we can learn from each other as a team. This exchange of knowledge and experience is the key to the company's success. Also, we looked back at some of the experiences we had last year and got plenty of inspiration and enthusiasm to keep up the good work in 2023!