Hygiene was never so important

Sonja Krivokapić / 30.03.2020.

LG professional washers are constructed with the importance of hygiene in mind. Besides technologies such as Wave force and Auto tub clean, stainless steel they are made from plays an important part in maintaining hygiene, coupled with its ability to ensure longevity for the appliances. However, the flaw of this material is its proneness to collecting bacteria with time. To resolve this, Belgian scientists developed a coating for stainless steel which can achieve bacteria reduction for 99% in just two hours.

These washers also have antimicrobial parts which are especially effective in contact with humidity, providing a 99.9% resistance to microbes and mold.

LG professional washers and dryers have this coating built into them, which makes them durable and suitable for hygiene maintenance, coupled with the stainless steel they are made of.

Boiling is also very important for hygiene. LG professional washers have a hygienic program that decontaminates laundry at 90° in 20 minutes, and that gives them an advantage to domestic washers which cannot sustain boiling on such high temperatures for the same period.

Wave force and Auto tub clean technologies make sure hygiene is maintained. Direct drive motor grants Wave force its power, and the purpose of this technology is to clean even the most remote parts inside the washer’s drum. Auto tub clean is the regular cleaning cycle which can be turned on after each washing cycle, contributing to the thorough elimination of any contamination.

All of these things are very important anyway, but never more so than now – hygiene has never been more important than today.