Self-service laundry in accommodation for workers

Marina Knežević / 24.04.2024.
smještaj za zaposlenike

"Seeking accommodation for workers" is a sentence we can see increasingly often reading various classified ads. That is not surprising, considering the demand for accommodation for workers is constantly growing, expanding beyond traditional sectors such as tourism and construction.

With the arrival of more foreign workers, there is a noticeable increase in interest in other sectors, including the manufacturing industry and service industries, such as cafes, restaurants, food delivery, and shops.

Landlords have recognized this growing demand and started offering rental accommodation for workers, such as rooms, apartments, hotels, and hostels.

This niche is growing in significance, necessitating the supporting facilities for employees to have a pleasant stay. Also, these facilities enable landlords to manage accommodation with more ease.

Household or professional washing machines in accommodation for workers

To attract potential employees, employers offer paid accommodation, often grouping a large number of workers in the same place to facilitate the organization of transport and optimize costs.

However, when multiple workers share a space, maintaining cleanliness and order, such as cleaning the space and doing laundry, can become one of the biggest challenges.

Employees need constant availability of clean clothes, so landlords provide them with washing machines and dryers. Guided by the opinion that it is not worth investing in professional devices and that they got away with it cheaper, they often opt for household appliances.

A comparison of household and professional devices in acommodation for workers

However, quickly several problems begin to appear, which cause dissatisfaction among both employees and landlords:

  • Excessive use of the devices

Problem: Employees often wash too small amounts of laundry on long washing programs

Solution: Professional devices can easily connect to billing systems, which control the frequency of use

  • Frequent faults

Problem: Household appliances cannot limit the frequency of use, which leads to overloading and faults. That is why they are often out of order, and their service life under these conditions is 4 - 6 months.

Solution: Professional devices are designed to perform a large number of cycles without difficulty (up to 6 cycles per day), so there is no waiting for repairs or employee dissatisfaction.

  • High and uncontrolled costs

Problem: Household appliances consume the same amount of energy regardless of the drum's fullness

Solution: Professional washing machines weigh the laundry and adjust the amount of water and electricity per cycle

  • Crowds

Problem: Household appliances have too long programs (more than 3 hours per cycle), which is why workers have to wait a long time for their turn to use

Solution: Professional devices are 2-3 times faster than household devices, which allows employees to do everything much faster and return to other duties

  • Mess

Problem: When employees use their detergents, situations such as spillage, the drawer for detergents falling apart, and poor washing results due to incorrect dosing often occur.

Solution: Professional washing machines can be connected to automatic dosing pumps for detergents, which ensures adequate dosing and tidiness of the space. Also, if the company finances detergents, there are significant savings due to more even consumption.

Advantages of a self-service laundry in accommodation for workers

Given the negative experiences with household appliances, landlords are turning to self-service laundries in facilities for housing workers.

By investing in professional solutions, they can effectively overcome the challenges of maintaining cleanliness and tidiness, saving water and electricity, and eliminating constant worries about repairs.

Employees have a more pleasant environment, without worries about practical issues such as washing clothes, which results in a more productive work atmosphere.

Additionally, LG professional devices offer user-friendly interfaces, making them particularly advantageous in situations where language differences pose a challenge.

Both employers and employees are satisfied, and the focus can be on performing work tasks.

Self-service laundry in acommodation for workers

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