Partner visit and sales and technical education training in Bulgaria

Marina Knežević / 19.04.2024.

Last week, we had the opportunity to visit our dear partners in Sofia, Bulgaria.

As part of this visit, we held sales and technical education, a key component of our partner program. This program covers all aspects of technical, sales, and marketing training.

Our approach combines theoretical knowledge with practical examples to ensure that our partners gain a deeper understanding of our products and services and can adapt them to the individual needs of their clients.

A special emphasis this time was on digital marketing, providing our partners with the tools and insights needed to succeed in today's digital environment.

We were pleased to meet our partners again and warmly welcomed the new ones to the European network of LG distributors.

As always, the exchange of experiences from different European markets brings inestimable value as it enables continuous learning from and the acquisition of new perspectives.

We thank our dear partners for their hospitality and active participation in education, and we look forward to the next meeting!