When choosing a laundry, choose Laundry Lounge

Sonja Krivokapić / 26.02.2020.

What is Laundry Lounge?

Laundry Lounge is a designer self-service laundrette branded by LG Corporation. Equipped with LG professional washers and dryers, which wash and dry faster and with more quality. Besides, this “lounge” part of the name offers an additional benefit – this word also means saloon, room for resting and such, but no matter which meaning we ascribe to it, the point of the whole concept is not only washing and drying laundry but also spending time in the laundry room while using free internet or TV, drinking coffee or juice, hanging out, talking… The goal is to create an atmosphere like the one you have at home with your family.

What are the benefits of Laundry lounge laundry for their owners?

If you are on the verge of opening your Laundry Lounge laundrette, you will find that this type of business model offers many benefits. For starters, franchisees don't pay an entry or a regular fee because it's already included in the price of the laundry equipment. Moreover, since the visual identity is very strictly defined, these guidelines make your marketing efforts easier on you. Franchisees also receive other kinds of support besides the marketing support – our experts can help you with optimizing the use of your laundry space, choosing the right location, equipping the interior and maintenance of the machines.
There are no special technical skills required to open a self – service laundry, and the initial investment is low, with big chances for the return on investment in the timeframe of just 12 months. Expenses are low and fixed, all charges are in cash, and this kind of business doesn't take up too much of your time.

Franchising model practically does everything for you; all you need to do is find an available space that's minimally 30m2 big, located in a crowded or relatively crowded part of town, small initial investment and a big level of enthusiasm!

Is Laundry lounge for you?

According to the users of this franchising model which we helped start their business, the decision to open their Laundry Lounge laundrettes was a decision they didn't regret. Some of them found the brand visibility appealing, while others focused on the quality of the LG professional washers and dryers.

As I already mentioned, one doesn't need to invest a lot and know a lot of technical stuff to open a Laundry lounge laundrette. One thing that is needed is an awareness of the identity and the types of your potential customers, but this shouldn't present a problem either since the users of laundries are practically everyone: hotels, restaurants, camps, marines, beauty salons, tourists, students, persons who don't own domestic washers, and so on. The most important factor is being enthusiastic about it, invest effort in your self-promotion and maintenance of your laundry equipment, and a little love never killed anyone.

If this sounds appealing to you and you think this concept might just be what you are looking for, contact us!