Our 2019. review

Sonja Krivokapić / 24.12.2019.

The year 2019. has almost passed, and so we will commemorate it with an overview of our activities. We've been in various places, seen various people and equipped various businesses with our professional laundry equipment. The crown of our activities is probably the LG award for an outstanding growth performance we have received, which could become tradition, considering LG awarded us last year as well. It represents a crown not only because it awards us with recognition, but also because it describes well the character of our activities.

 When we were awarded by LG on this year's 9th Innofest in Malaysia, this event has consolidated our intention of continuing with the practice of trying to be innovative and to constantly better ourselves. Because of this conviction, we have succeeded in finding several new partners in Europe, and also achieving other things the numbers testify to. We have equipped approximately 30 new laundries and laundrettes, about a hundred facilities in the HoReCa segment, and also 5 industrial facilities with our professional laundry equipment. 

On Adriatic Gastro show in Split and HoReCa Adria fair in Opatia, we had the honor of presenting our achievements and image, which also produced new potential clients. We have participated in the service training held by our Electrolux partner in Sweden, and we were also a part of the Ambienta fair in Zagreb.

Everyone knows or at least should know that a person needs a good rest to work hard and with dedication. We have implemented this credo by organizing sailing in Rijeka and participating in the B2B run race in Zagreb. We took the latter as an opportunity to contribute to the consciousness-raising about the importance of exercise for building a healthy company. 

If the next year will be this fruitful, successful and pleasant, we will be more than satisfied. But being guided by our philosophy of constantly coming up with new ideas and a tendency to continue to grow, we will try to make it so ourselves.

 We have concluded this year with the cooking session, so check out the pictures below!