We visited our partners from six countries. These are our experiences and results

Ivana Živičnjak / 14.06.2022.

From our start in 2006. until today, we have opened and equipped numerous laundries in Croatia and expanded our business to 20 countries in Central and Southeast Europe. Since then, we have firmly nurtured a relationship with our partners without whom our successful business would not have shone with the same splendor.

Over the past few months, we have mixed business with pleasure and visited our partners across Europe. Exchange of ideas, new experiences and additional education related to our top devices - this is what the meetings with partners from Poland, Germany, Montenegro, Greece, Hungary and Serbia looked like. Each of them brings with it specific requirements and global challenges, but our mission is to reliably, responsibly and efficiently help absolutely everyone to constantly progress in their work.

We talked to distributors from six countries about all the novelties, current market trends and business development. We made sure that, as always, our partners have all the necessary information and advice to move their business in an even better direction. With the same goal, we did useful service trainings, depending on the situations and problems they faced.

Without the right equipment, there is no real business success, so consulting about ideal washers and dryers is our priority and the main guiding thread. The key is in the details - for our partners we choose the best professional products that are a sure guarantee of success even in times of crisis. The end result is lower costs, reduced workload and reduced energy consumption. It can't get any better, don't you agree?

Socializing with our international partners was an ideal opportunity to improve their business, exchange experiences and ideas in an industry that is constantly evolving and growing. In all local laundries, we tested the operation and new features of our professional appliances, provided answers to frequently asked questions and prepared tips for the best possible diagnostic process.


Pure and flawless cooperation is the foundation of ours, and ultimately the foundation of the success of our partners from all parts of the world.
We look forward to meeting them again in Zagreb!