From dream to reality - laundrette Lancun in Istria is working again

Sonja Krivokapić / 08.05.2020.

The owner of the Lancun laundrette in Istria, Sara Cetina, is returning to work after a shorter break, to encounter a slightly different kind of workflow, namely the one which includes greater care for hygiene.

When asked how does she maintain hygiene which is, of course, the best weapon against the spreading of the disease we have, she emphasizes the importance of disinfectants, masks and gloves, which have become a normal part of her daily routine. "I don't find the Chinese funny anymore with their masks", she adds laughing.

"I always have to disinfect at work, that's part of our job, you have to be careful. I disinfect everything, from the floor, coffee machine, doorknobs, and other spaces." 

She adds that she is happy she's using LG professional washers because they greatly contribute to the maintenance of hygiene, specifically their feature of contaminating laundry at 90 degrees in the washing process. She says that laundry boiling program successfully kills bacteria and viruses in just 20 minutes, which is why it's so important these days to wash laundry in professional rather than in domestic washers.

Although one needs to stay careful, we wish Sara all the best in her business. Good luck, Sara!

As for you who are reading this, if you need LG professional washers and dryers, contact us here. We hope that this story encourages you to try new business endeavors.