LG Laundry Corner: Revolutionizing hospitality worldwide

Marina Knežević / 25.04.2024.
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In the dynamic world of tourism, guest expectations have changed significantly. For a long time, it is not enough to provide a comfortable bed and essential services - tourists are looking for experiences that exceed conventional standards of hospitality.

In this context, laundromats are no longer just a practical service but a necessity that meets the demands of modern guests.

LG Laundry Corner

Accordingly, LG Laundry Corner created a real 'boom' worldwide. It experienced a significant expansion in the USA and Asia, where it was first introduced by luxury and business hotels, after which others began to follow the example, wanting to stand out from the competition.

This innovative boutique laundromat is not just a place to wash and dry clothes but a symbol of the hotel's dedication to providing the best guest experience and keeping pace with industry trends.

It provides added value for guests and makes their stay easier while, at the same time, bringing additional income to the hotel.

Benefits for guests

  • Getting an additional service directly at the hotel

Guests have access to additional services within the hotel itself. That means they will feel cared for and comfortable, like at home, even when traveling.

  •  Express service / Immediate availability

With the availability of the LG Laundry Corner, guests no longer need to spend time looking for external laundries but can refresh their garments quickly and easily 24/7.

  • The possibility of traveling with less clothing

Thanks to Laundry Corner's fast and efficient service, guests can travel with less clothing, making their packing and travel experience easy. That is particularly convenient on long or business trips, where packing and carrying multiple clothing sets is impractical. Another plus is the savings on baggage fees on airplanes.

  • Clean clothes ready to wear

There is no need to panic about whether the clothes will be clean and dry for tonight's dinner or tomorrow's meeting - LG professional washing machines have quick programs that allow guests to have clean clothes at hand.

Advantages for hotels

  • Higher rate of returning guests

In a world where superior service is sought after and valued more than ever, hotels strive to go above and beyond the basics to attract and retain guests. The services like Laundry Corner provide guests with added value that encourages them to return. Also, satisfied guests are more likely to recommend the hotel to others and leave positive reviews. That further contributes to the hotel's reputation and attracts new guests.

  • Additional income for the hotel

Laundry Corner brings significant financial benefits to the hotel. Generating additional income through service fees increases the overall profit, providing the hotel with a stable source of income.

  • Savings on water and electricity

There are no more situations where guests wash their laundry in the sink and hang it on the balconies. Therefore, the hotel saves on water and electricity and maintains its respectable image.

  • Full automation and minimal need for workforce

Laundry Corner is not only practical. It is a service that follows the latest trends in the hotel industry. Thanks to its modern design and full automation, it provides a luxurious laundry experience and the highest level of hygiene, with no need for additional staff.

  • Marketing

Loyalty programs are a great way to encourage guests to use Laundry Corner services. Through special offers, discounts, or rewards for regular use of this service, the hotel can build loyalty among guests and encourage them to return again and again.

  • Low investment and costs

With Laundry Corner, the return on investment is fast and safe. LG professional appliances are designed to weigh laundry and adjust the amount of water and electricity per cycle, so energy costs are low.


Keep up with the world's biggest trends, just like the most famous hotels, with the LG Laundry Corner! Contact us today and make it easy for your guests to stay away from home while increasing your hotel's revenue.

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