From Media: A small Trešnjevka team’s idea thrilled global electronic devices manufacturer

Marina Knežević / 07.02.2023.
Tim Bijelog Svijeta

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Experts say that, in the future, the global situation of supply chains would increasingly base on the concept of regional hubs. Technologically advanced manufacturers whose production is placed in Asia will be searching for European partners to develop regional hub concepts and market their products in Europe. 

But, a small team from Zagreb’s Trešnjevka saw the potential of this business model.

Bright World is the company that developed a different B2B model of professional equipment distribution for European markets and made a strategic partnership with a leading global manufacturer - LG Electronics.

This company is the logistics center for Central and Eastern Europe that helps this technological giant place their professional washers and dryers from the Asian to the European market.

But the story doesn’t end with the product’s delivery to European ground. Bright World offers full-service support, like product personalization, marketing, education and customer support. Original products are adjusted for specific market needs. That includes product programming, payment systems creation and ozone generator providing. Also, the company created an additional product line under the BW trademark that includes the production of different additions for professional washers and dryers.


A different business model

Asian companies have difficulties with Central and Eastern Europe being markets with many countries, languages and business customs. They don’t understand the differences and needs different types of customers here have, business customs between these countries, local laws and rules so it’s easier for them to cooperate with someone who already knows this and can react faster and easier – explains Bright World’s general manager Mario Martinek.

This is all in relation to the strategic development of Croatia with a new investment cycle through Maersk company, which invests in the city of Rijeka’s terminal and plans the building of logistics centers in Croatia.


-Maersk is a global logistics company that will, through its investments, improve logistics infrastructure in Croatia and put the supply chain through Port of Rijeka for the EU area on a higher level.

This will be the wind at the back of our, but also other similar companies because we will be able to distribute the products to the EU market easier - says Martinek.



Local and regional partners

Radisson, McDonald’s, Kempinski, Valamar, Hilton and Falkensteiner are only some of the many clients this company works with. There is also a number of small business owners who have started their laundries with the help of Bright World.

Bright World has helped with the realization of the laundry businesses for more than 200 startup Croatian entrepreneurs. The company is happy to transfer knowledge and experience to partners in more than 20 countries around Europe, from Estonia to Greece.

Social circumstances are the factors that affect the need for opening laundry businesses in Croatia and the rest of Europe. This year, for example, the migrant crisis has shown the necessity for laundries, especially in Poland.

For health facilities in Romania we have upgraded the devices with ozone generators and special hygiene programs - explains Martinek.


Ongoing innovations

Today, besides a good business model, it is important to have good energy and company culture, a great team, transparency, simplicity and continuous support for local and regional partners.

-We test in practice everything we come up with, so it’s safe to say our business model is well-tried. This helps our partners in other countries – says general manager Mario Martinek.

Companies like Bright World can create similar partnerships with technologically advanced Asian manufacturers in other segments too.

-Logistics, manufacturing and transport services have a large impact to the overall Croatian economy – concludes Martinek, and says that, with the help of his 12 people team, he will continue expanding the market, growing and developing new creative ways of product distribution.


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