Meet our team – Ivana Živičnjak (operations manager)

Marina Knežević / 09.05.2023.
meet the team - ivana

Creating a success story from the ground up is an experience that brings numerous valuable skills and great knowledge. Our Ivana is the best example!

Being a part of the Bright World team from day one, she went through all the stages of the company’s growth. Starting as an ambitious university student, she went on to become a full-time employee and this year is celebrating the jubilee of 15 years in the company.

“A job at Bright World was my first ‘grown-up’ job. Pretty much everything I know I’ve learned right here” she reveals.

Early involvement gave her an insight into every business segment and that’s why she’s managing operations so masterfully today.

“My main tasks are planning and supervision of the everyday business of procurement and logistics, marketing, administration and technical service” she says and also explains:

“The balance between these four segments is not always simple. Sometimes, at the same time, I’m answering the question where a certain incoming invoice can be found while working on one of our development projects. But with good organizational skills, diligence and multitasking one can accomplish anything! What matters to me the most is that everything works and everybody’s satisfied” she says.

Good results are what motivates me! I strive for us to constantly progress and to get better and better every year. It is a special pleasure for me when a project I’ve been working on devotedly turns out successful and I see it helping the team in their further work” she explains and adds:

“When I say I am an operations manager, people think it’s something monotonous. But the reality of my job is completely different! One day I am preparing financial reports, the other I am recruiting and training new employees and the third I am participating in the meeting about new website development.”

Dynamics and flexibility are what Ivana likes the most about her job.

“This job was the foundation for my professional, but also personal growth. In addition to everyday tasks, I have the chance to travel and meet our business partners from numerous countries. Every such experience is just priceless!”

In her spare time, Ivana likes getting relaxed by cooking, which gave her the nickname of Bright World’s ‘Masterchef’. Among the team members, she is also known for her great collegiality.

Good cooperation is very important to me. I like being supportive and helping colleagues with my advice and contributing to the team’s and company’s growth this way” she concludes.