Knowledge exchange in One Team: Visit to partners in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Marina Knežević / 14.11.2023.

Since the One Team world is a place of sharing valuable knowledge, experience, and continuous progress, we take every opportunity to meet and interact with outstanding experts from the laundry industry.

Therefore, our Bright World recently paid a two-day visit to partners in Sarajevo.

We gathered at a sales training designed for colleagues in sales, retail and webshop. During the training, we presented our range of products and explained in more detail our customer groups and laundromat models. We also presented marketing aspects, including LG Laundry Lounge and support in service, sales and marketing activities.

The training was an excellent opportunity to stimulate discussionexchange experiences from two markets and share proven sales techniques.

Through this type of cooperation, we build an atmosphere where each team member grows and constantly develops as an expert in his field. We encourage asking questionsexpressing ideas, and providing mutual support, and we believe that every contribution is a significant step towards achieving common goals.

As part of our visit, we visited the iWash laundry, which has been successfully operating in Sarajevo for seven years. Equipped with high-end LG professional devices, it has long been a favorite destination for citizens looking for a high-quality self-service laundromat or a commercial laundry since it offers both options, including home delivery.

In addition to the formal part of the training, the visit also gave us an occasion to socialize with our partners, where we discussed challenges and opportunities in the laundry business in a casual atmosphere.

The entire experience contributed to extending knowledge, strengthening relationships between team members, and building a sense of community.