Ramarin Ranch: No stress, regardless of the amount of laundry

Marina Knežević / 21.02.2024.
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In Garčin, near the city of Slavonski Brod, you can find a hit destination and a true oasis of rural tourism, which proves that Croatian tourism is not only related to the sea and sunny beaches - Ramarin Ranch.

Beautiful scenery, excellent food and wine, and a range of activities, from horse riding, cycling, and fishing to tourist flights over the Slavonia region - these are only part of the rich offer, and they best describe themselves as 'a place for active vacation in the haven of peace'.

Growing requirements and demands

The ranch was founded in 2013 and got its name after the owner's three children: Rea, Anja, and Marin. Each of them is responsible for a specific part of the ranch, and we talked with Mrs. Rea Samardžić about how everything started and how they decided to contact our Bright World.

 "Our story started with horses but quickly grew into something much bigger. We listened to the wishes of our guests and, year after year, introduced new delights on our ranch," she reveals.

Today, the ranch has luxuriously equipped bungalowsa campground parking lota hostela restaurant with a dance floora winery, and a tavern. Therefore, it became a popular destination for various celebrations and events, such as weddings, birthdays, banquets, and team-building activities.

However, with the expansion of facilities also came new challenges. That includes the need to wash a large amount of laundry. There are towels, bed linen, tablecloths, napkins, cloths, curtains, etc.

Mrs. Rea shares how they coped with these challenges: "We used to outsource laundry services, but with the increase in facilities number, it no longer worked. Working hours and delivery schedule of commercial laundry in the nearby town created difficulties for our organizational efforts, as we aim to provide exceptional service. Clean laundry must be available at all times!"

A simple and effective solution

To rise to this challenge, Mrs. Rea contacted our Bright World. She explained that they have a large number of facilities, which depend on fast and high-quality laundry processing, and based on this, we recommended the following combination of devices and equipment:

They converted the space within the ranch for laundry purposes, and the housekeeper took responsibility for washing, drying, and ironing. Although she had no experience working in a laundry, adaptation was quick with LG Professional.

"Everything is so simple that there were no difficulties," says Mrs. Rea.

They are also thrilled with the laundry accessories:

"BW professional ironer provides amazing results - but also less effort! The advantage is that you can sit while ironing. In addition, when you run the tablecloth through it, it is deposited on the stacking table below the ironer itself, so there is no need for constantly walking back and forth. In this type of dynamic work, that's a great advantage," she says and adds:

"BW professional ironing table is a revelation to us! Thanks to the vacuum, the laundry doesn't slip, and the steam enables perfect ironing results. Also, as we often wash employee shirts, we like the heated sleeve board that comes with it. Thanks to it, ironing sleeves, which can normally be tricky, is much easier and more practical." 

Everything in one place – no stress about laundry

"The decision to equip our laundry brought us great relief. We no longer have to depend on external services and now have control over the quality and availability of clean laundry. Also, we don't need as much linen as before," Mrs. Rea concludes.


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