Flawless jersey for Polish football club’s flawless game

Antonija Jurič / 14.12.2022.
Nogometni klub Wieczysta Krakow

Many would agree that football is the most important of the least important things in life. But what would be the most important of the least important things within a football club? If you ask us, it would be the laundry, without a doubt.
Polish football club Wieczysta Krakow absolutely agrees with our philosophy. They’ve equipped their laundry with LG Professional laundry products and a BW ozone generator, which continue to thrill them day after day.
The main problem they faced was too small washing capacities for their needs, which are required by their tight training and matches schedule. They’ve therefore decided to get an LG Giant washing machine, LG Giant dryer, and LG Titan washing machine. This combination turned out to be just what they needed. It is a great starter pack for sports clubs since the Giant washing machine can wash up to 60 kg and the Titan washing machine with up to 90 kg of laundry per day.

The club faced many challenges during its long history. Particularly interesting is the story of its origin. During the German occupation, it was strictly forbidden to organize sports competitions. Due to these restrictions numerous football matches were held secretly on the meadows of Rakowice, then a village on the borders of Krakow. In such difficult times, exactly 80 years ago, Wieczysta Kraków was born.

Today, the club is mainly training children of all ages. Laundry washing demands were an everyday challenge for them, but thanks to the professional washing equipment, their jerseys are always impeccably clean and ready for the next training or match. They are especially thrilled with the BW ozone generator, which refreshes the color of their recognizable black and yellow jerseys.

Mateusz Mak (Wieczysta Kraków) (Foto: Borys Gogulski/Cyfrasport / newspix.pl)

With the help of professional laundry equipment, quick and quality washing and drying are always within their hand’s reach, so the focus can be on the best game.

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