Hotel Premantura Resort: Superior service with the in-house laundry

Marina Knežević / 06.05.2024.

Located amidst stunning natural surroundings in the southern region of Istria, just a brief 3-minute stroll from the mesmerizing Adriatic coastline lies the enchanting Hotel Premantura Resort.

This luxury hotel captivates guests with its attractive facilities, which include a restaurant, a bar with a terrace around the pool, a wellness area, a Mediterranean garden, and an infinity pool with a view of the bay and wooded landscape.

The natural beauty combined with the luxury offered by the hotel provides guests with unforgettable moments of relaxation, to which they happily return.

Challenge: Searching for a better laundry solution

The hotel started operating in 2017 and opted for the services of an external laundry the first year, but very quickly, it became clear that this solution would not meet their needs in the long term.

Adriana Zahtila, the hotel manager, reflects, "Due to various issues encountered with the external laundry service, we decided to bring our laundry operations in-house."

"First, we were not satisfied with the long delivery times. Then, with the washing quality, considering that it used to happen that dirty towels or bed linen came back to us. And finally – a high price! We weighed the costs and concluded that a more profitable solution would be to invest in our laundry equipment."

Solution: In-house laundry

“We researched online and found your Bright World. We explained our situation - we have a lot of laundry - bath towels, beach towels, robes, bed linen, decorative pillows, chair covers, tablecloths, napkins,... And everything has to be clean and ready on time," she says.

According to the advice of our BW team, they decided on the following combination of devices and accessories:

The hotel housekeeper in charge of supervising the laundry is delighted with how practical and simple everything is, and she especially likes the automatic dosing pumps:

"Automatic dosing is a big plus for us, and in combination with your professional detergents, the results are fantastic," Mrs. Adriana, the hotel manager, points out.

Results: Fast, practical, and quality!

Guests have also acknowledged superior quality, particularly commending the delightful fragrance and plush softness of the bath and beach towels.

When asked why every hotel should have its laundry, Mrs. Adriana answered:

"The main advantages laundry brings to a hotel are speedpracticality, and complete control over the laundry process. We no longer have to worry about situations where only part of the laundry is returned to us from an external laundry - having our laundry, we can decide on our own what is most important to wash at a certain moment and thus ensure that everything is ready on time."

In addition to functionality, the benefits are also financial - the hotel's investment paid off after just one year!

"We are very pleased with the cooperation with Bright World, and I am always happy to recommend you to everyone looking for top-quality laundry devices," concludes Mrs. Adriana.


Secure the best laundry solution for your hotel! Reach out to us today and bid farewell to concerns about delivery schedules, high costs, and washing quality!

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