Vita Veš laundry in Belgrade - up to premium service with LG Professional

Marina Knežević / 21.11.2023.
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In today's dynamic business environment, the success of entrepreneurs largely lies in recognizing new opportunities. Entrepreneurs who think outside the box of their current industry often open doors to great opportunities that others may not notice.

This is exactly the story behind the commercial laundry Vita Veš in Belgrade, which has been successfully operating for five years!

We talked about this project with our partners from VAT do.o. and remembered how the laundry owner came up with the idea and how the process of its realization went.

The entrepreneurial spirit doesn't rest

"The owner has a company for disinsection and pest control, so he has been in direct contact with numerous hotels for years. There, through conversations with managers, he recognized the hotels' need for laundry services and began to think outside the box. After careful consideration, he took the plunge and decided to open his own laundry" they recall.

Today, Vita Veš, in addition to numerous hotels, skilfully adapts its services to the needs of different clients, thus taking care of the laundry cleanliness for hostelsrestaurantsapartmentskindergartenssports and recreation centers, and other companies that need laundry services, as well as citizens.

"These are usually towels, sheets, and pillowcases, then large items such as blankets, duvets, and pillows and restaurant linen, such as tablecloths, cotton napkins, and dish towels," they say.

Everything is easier with premium professional devices

There is a lot of work, the pace is intense, and for everything to function flawlessly, Vita Veš is equipped with premium LG professional washing machines and dryers.

The combination of devices the laundry is equipped with includes:

"With LG professional devices, clients are guaranteed top-quality service. Their efficiency and reliability enable maintaining a high standard of laundry washing and drying, even in periods of intense work rhythm. Simply put - the quality of the equipment directly affects the quality of the service" they point out.

Delivery option for complete service

Given the owner's desire to provide clients with the highest level of overall service, he also thought about their precious time and convenience.

Therefore, Vita Veš offers its clients a delivery service. Clients can choose whether they want to deliver the laundry themselves or arrange to have the laundry picked up by a delivery vehicle at their location. At the agreed time, the laundry is back to the address - clean and fragrant!

"Satisfied clients are always the best recommendation! By introducing the delivery option, Vita Veš wanted to offer its clients a practical solution that makes everything easier. Delivery is a service that goes a step further in meeting their expectations" they conclude.


Provide your clients with the highest level of service with LG professional devices! We are here to guide you toward the best solutions for your laundry, so - contact us - today!

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