Guardians of your customers’ utilities and their money

Antonija Jurič / 28.09.2022.

The good season is behind your customers but rising utility costs are eroding their hard-earned earnings faster and faster. If they haven't replaced their devices recently, their equipment could be costing them big bucks. Large repair bills, frequent breakdowns, but also water and electricity consumption.

The reason for this is outdated technology, which was designed at a time when water and other utilities were cheap, so energy efficiency was not a priority.

This is where you step in for them offering them the best energy-efficient professional solutions.

Help your customers to prevent any unnecessary costs before they occur and rely on technology that has the future in mind. 

With LG professional devices and BW accessories, they will always stay one step ahead of rising utility costs.

See how our laundry equipment delivers lower costs and greater value every day:


  • They have the Energy Star label, which gives you a guarantee that they are among the most energy-efficient products on the market.
  • They use less water and energy and provide cycle adjustment options for additional savings.
  • With fast washing programs, you save time because they are 2-3 times faster than household appliances.

LG professional washing machines


  • Thanks to the ventilation design, they enable much faster drying compared to condensation.
  • They contain a sensor that automatically checks the temperature and humidity and accordingly adjusts the length of the drying cycle. In this way, it protects the laundry from over-drying, but also your budget from unnecessary expenses.


LG professional dryers



The promotion lasts until December 31, 2022. or while supplies last!

** Delivery and assembly costs are not included in the price of the device.

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