Laundrettes in the age of corona – advice to laundry owners for better hygiene

Sonja Krivokapić / 15.04.2020.

As we know, the best tools for the prevention of coronavirus to spread are avoiding physical contact with people and maintaining hygiene. Laundrettes are a very important factor in that sense, because laundry washing is an important part of hygiene, especially since the virus sticks to clothing up to a few days.

That’s why we are bringing a few tips which will help your laundrette to be as hygienic as possible.

Disinfect items and flat surfaces

If the tables for sorting and storing laundry aren’t clean and disinfected, clean laundry won’t be very useful. Experts agree that a regular soap has the power to eliminate coronavirus, but after applying it to items and flat surfaces, you will still need to apply a disinfectant of some sort. Also don’t forget about chairs, doorknobs, handles on professional washers and dryers, laundry hampers and other items people come to contact with.

Let one person at a time in your laundrette

To prevent the spreading of the virus, we should all avoid larger gatherings of people. Advise your clients to enter one at the time in your laundrette, as you see people behaving in cases of stores and pharmacies.

Encourage regular washing cycles and usage of plus programs

Suggest your clients to increase the washing cycles in frequency. It’s also important for them to take special notice of the clothes which came in contact with their surroundings the most. Also, for washing to be more hygienic, they need to use the professional washers' plus programs, such as prewashing and extended washing.

Suggest washing on high temperatures and usage of dryer

High temperatures are useful allies in combating the presence of coronavirus and any virus for that matter. Experts recommend washing items at a temperature of at least 90 degrees. The professional dryer is a good ally in combating the spreading of the virus. Advise those who haven't used it to start using it more frequently.

Advise separating clean from dirty laundry

Before they enter a laundrette, people are usually very causal about sorting dirty and clean laundry at home. Advise them to take a more rigorous approach with regards to separating clean from dirty laundry items by, for instance, using a laundry hamper for storing dirty laundry only.

These suggestions are easily applicable and simple, and yet they do a lot of good. Their application results not only in maintaining hygiene, but they also instill trust in you as a laundrette owner.

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