From traditional washing in the stream to the modern LG technology

Marina Knežević / 30.10.2023.
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Today's cutting-edge technology makes it possible to wash and dry clothes quickly and easily, but in the past, things were much different.

Šestine area, located in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is the true witness of great changes, which, throughout history, have made washing clothes an easier and more pleasant task step by step.

This village on the slopes of Medvednica mountain was the home of the famous Laundresses of Šestine – the women who, until the middle of the 20th century, earned a living by washing clothes for wealthy citizens.

Today, here, as a great representation of the modern era, stands La Vesh laundry, equipped with high-end LG professional washing machines and dryers.

The Laundresses of Šestine

The washing process for laundresses was anything but simple – they would put the dirty laundry in a steamer, a wooden container with a small opening at the bottom, over which they would place straw so that the water could slowly drip out.

To protect the laundry, they would cover it with a clean cloth, sprinkle ashes over the cloth, and then pour hot water over everything. They would repeat the process until clean water began to flow through the straw. Afterward, they would remove the straw, close the opening and leave the laundry soaking overnight. In the morning, they would wash it in a wooden wash trough on the stream.

Every Sunday, horses drove clean laundry back to the city and brought dirty laundry to the village. In the carriage, there were sheets that contained laundry and were worn on the head.

Regardless of the season and weather conditions, the job had to be done. During winter, when the streams were frozen, the laundresses’ husbands used axes to break the ice at the washing place and then brought them hot water in tin buckets to warm up their frozen hands at least for a moment.

Joining forces

Mr. Matej Sruk, who in cooperation with his business partner Tihomir Tin Pavičić, opened the La Vesh laundry here, confirms how far laundry technology has come since the days of the Laundresses of Šestine.

"LG Professional delighted us! Although we had not been familiar with laundry equipment before, we got used to it very quickly, just like our workers. Everything went completely smoothly" he says.

A sales representative and a builder found themselves on a joint mission to start a laundry, and they turned to our Bright World for support.

"One had the idea, and the other had the financial resources. We knew about an excellent location for rent, so that part was also taken care of at the start. Within three months, our vision became a reality - the products were in stock in the warehouse, soon they were installed and the work could begin!”

Quality and elegance

The combination of devices, which, according to the recommendation of the Bright World, they opted for, includes:

• 2x LG Giant professional washing machine (10 kg capacity)
• 2x LG Giant professional dryer (10 kg capacity)
• GMP flatwork ironer (140 cm)
• Ironing table

In addition to LG professional washing machines and dryers, they are also very satisfied with the BW BF84 ironing table.

"The ironing table is very practical! Thanks to steam and vacuum, we always have fast and excellent ironing results, which is very important in this type of business" says Mr. Matej.

"Clients' impressions are very positive! We strive to provide top-notch service, but also the overall experience, so we also paid attention to the beautiful decoration of the space. With LG professional devices, this is not a difficult task - in addition to high-quality washing and drying, they are very elegant, which is another advantage for an attractive environment" he adds.

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