D-Marin Dalmacija caters to guests' needs: Self-service laundry in the largest Croatian marina

Marina Knežević / 20.06.2024.
marina dalmacija

D-Marin Dalmacija, located near the city of Zadar, is known as the largest marina in Croatia and one of the largest on the Adriatic.

Located in the very center of the Adriatic coast, it is an ideal starting point for exploring the beautiful islands, making it a favorite destination for nautical tourists from all over the world.

In addition to its excellent position, D-Marin Dalmacija is also known for its superb equipment. Numerous attractive facilities are available to guests, including a luxuriously decorated beach, a beach bar, a restaurant with local delicacies, shops, a hair salon, etc.

A large number of guests requires practical solutions

Considering the capacity of 1036 berths and the large number of visitors using the marina's services, the need for practical and efficient solutions has become a priority for the administration.

"One of the essential questions was to provide the best solution for washing and drying laundry, with which guests will not have to leave the marina and spend time looking for external laundromats. This is especially important for guests staying in the marina only for a short time," says Mr. Mate Jurin, project manager.

Also, a marina that offers additional services will more easily stand out among the competition.

"We wanted to provide our guests with everything they need, including a self-service laundry," says Mr. Jurin. "Satisfied guests are happy to return, so the reputation and income of the marina grow."

Modern self-service laundry

In cooperation with our Bright World, they chose a solution that perfectly follows the modern equipment of the marina. It includes the following combination of devices and accessories:

"LG professional washing machines and dryers ensure our guests fast and high-quality washing and drying of their laundry," says Mr. Jurin.

As another advantage, he cites the possibility of connecting the devices to different payment systems:

"Most of our guests are foreign tourists who are used to using cards. That's why the contactless payment system is a great solution! It is practical for guests, but also the management, because we can directly monitor cash flows. For example, in the case of a payment mistake, a refund is quick and easy."

High standard of service

Implementing a self-service laundry in D-Marin Dalmacija proved to be an excellent move, with which the marina further raised the standard of its service.

"Our guests don't have to worry about whether they will have enough clean towels, bed linen, or clothes for their next trip," says Mr. Jurin.

"This solution allows them to spend more time enjoying their vacation and all the other facilities marina offers," he concludes.



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