Shiny Laundry: Sparkling third season!

Marina Knežević / 16.05.2024.

The commercial laundry Shiny, in the city of Rijeka is entering its third season with great success.

This successful business is run by Mrs. Slađana Pejčić and Mr. Ljubiša Pejčić.

We spoke with them about the origins of the idea to open their laundry and their current impressions, now that they have acquired loyal clients and established their position in the market.

The desire to expand the business

"Our family owns a construction company, and we have decided to expand the business with something new and different. Mrs. Slađana mentioned, "Considering my previous experience working in a hotel in Austria, where I had the opportunity to work with laundry equipment, laundries were no stranger to me."

They reached out to our Bright World to collaboratively find the best solution for their business, and thus the first chapter could begin.

"My husband started looking for a space and, after considering several options, we decided on the Belvedere neighborhood. It is a small but lively area, practically in the center of the city, known for the fact that residents have all the facilities at their fingertips," says Mrs. Slađana.

Laundry services - in high demand in the area

The laundry service was an added bonus for this area.

Professional devices are an excellent solution for washing large items such as pillows, blankets, and quilts, especially in neighborhoods with a significant number of elderly residents who require assistance with this task.

Also, in recent years, Rijeka has become a popular "city break" destination, experiencing a significant increase in tourism. Its appealing amenities, cultural events, and proximity to beaches continue to attract a growing number of tourists annually, leading to the opening of numerous new accommodation options.

"There are numerous apartments, vacation homes, hostels, restaurants, wedding salons, etc. We have clients even from more distant areas, such as Istria County and the city of Crikvenica," says Mr. Ljubiša. He also mentioned that they offer laundry pickup and delivery services.

LG Professional - a complete success

Mrs. Slađana, based on her previous experience working with laundry devices, points out how impressed she is by LG Professional.

"We are very satisfied with the LG Giant professional washing machines and dryers. The programs are fast and simple, which allows us to provide top-notch service every day. The quality of these devices not only makes our work easier but also ensures that our customers' laundry is flawless every time."

With the arrival of the third season, new challenges and opportunities for further growth are anticipated.

"In our case, the investment in equipment paid off after two seasons! Our business story testifies to the fact that effort and work are the way to success. We look forward to the next chapter!"


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