Meet One Team – Marcus

Marina Knežević / 28.06.2024.

One Team brings together leading experts in the laundry industry from various European countries, forming a strong network of partners who exchange knowledge and expertise from their respective markets.

Our partner Marcus comes from Romania.

He has 15 years of entrepreneurial experience, which has made him a real expert in the field of laundry. His extensive knowledge covers technical, sales, and marketing aspects of the job, earning him the nickname 'One Man Show' from his partners.

Marcus has always been skilled at identifying people's needs. He graduated from the Faculty of Pedagogy in Timisoara, where he further developed this ability. Additionally, he attended numerous specialized courses to prepare himself for the challenges that come with entrepreneurship.

"All of this has been very helpful to me, as it is essential in my role to understand the clients' needs and provide them with solutions that will meet their expectations," he explains.

It is also his favorite part of his job.

"It motivates me to see that they are satisfied with the solution I propose and are successfully developing their business with it. In addition to providing advice on selecting laundry equipment, I always offer clients proven guidelines for starting a business successfully. This is why clients are happy to recommend me to anyone interested in opening a laundry or purchasing professional equipment. In my opinion, that is the best possible advertisement!"

When asked about his favorite type of project, he responds without hesitation: "I love the LG Laundry Lounge! Although all projects are interesting, the premium, designer self-service laundromats are the closest to my heart!"

Marcus points out that he is delighted to be a part of One Team, and his favorite aspect of this wonderful story is the people.

"It's priceless to connect with partners from different markets and listen to their experiences. There is no competition here, only genuine advice and support!"