LG Professional devices at Atlas Hospital in Belgrade

Marina Knežević / 08.07.2024.

In top healthcare facilities, maintaining proper hygiene is crucial to ensuring the safety and health of patients.

These standards are essential for Atlas, the first Serbian private hospital, specializing in surgical services.

For over 20 years, the hospital has earned the trust of clients worldwide due to its leading doctorsadvanced treatments, and high professionalism.

Challenge: Maintaining the highest hygiene standards

Atlas understands that maintaining clients' trust requires a significant effort and attention to all aspects of hospital services.

High standards of cleanliness and hygiene, including the cleanliness of hospital laundry, are top priorities.

The hospital operates 24/7, 365 days a year, performing hundreds of procedures annually, creating a continuous demand for clean laundry.

Spread across two modern, luxurious facilities, every patient's room, operating room, and clinic must have fresh, clean laundry to ensure the health and safety of patients and staff.

In 2018, the hospital owner, Mr. Lazar, contacted our Serbian partners to find the best solution for this challenge.

Solution: A combination of devices for hospital requirements

Our partners have prepared an offer of LG professional washing machines and dryers based on the owner's information, to enable quality laundry washing and drying at the hospital.

"After studying the details, there was no doubt for Mr. Lazar," they said.

The first devices were installed six years ago and have effectively maintained hygiene since then. As the workload increased, additional devices needed to be installed.

Today, the laundry is equipped with a combination that includes:

"Thanks to their specialized hygiene programs and quick cycles, LG Giant professional washing machines perfectly fulfill the daily requirements of hospitals," state our partners.

Results: Focus on providing first-class healthcare services

With the help of LG professional devices, the hospital was able to manage large amounts of laundry every day, allowing them to focus entirely on providing high-quality patient care.

High-quality washing of bed linens, towels, and hospital gowns ensures a clean and safe environment for every patient. Staff also have access to clean uniforms, further reducing the risk of contamination.

"All of this contributes to reducing health risksincreasing client satisfaction, and ultimately enhancing the hospital's reputation," they say.


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