2 branches in 2 years: Self-service laundry Wešeraj in Belgrade is continuing its success story

Marina Knežević / 03.07.2024.

Belgrade loves self-service laundries!

Opened two years ago, the Wešeraj self-service laundry quickly became a favorite for practical and high-quality washing and drying of laundry, thanks to its quality service.

This summer, a new chapter of the entrepreneurial story unfolds with the opening of another branch in the city, featuring the proven recipe for success from the first branch.

Challenge: A demand for self-service laundries in the city

"Mrs. Lidija approached us with the idea of starting her own self-service laundry business," they recollect.

"She wisely recognized the potential of this type of service in our city. There is a lot of interest - local residents who want to wash large items such as blankets and pillows, or quickly dry laundry on rainy days, backpackers who want to do laundry between two trips, students with limited access to laundry facilities, etc."

The owner had a strong vision and, with the professional support of our Serbian partners, she resolutely embarked on the project.

Solution: A combination of devices for high-quality service

According to their advice, the laundromat is equipped with the following combination of devices and accessories:

This combination of devices ensures high-quality service, allowing users to handle laundry quickly with outstanding results.

"Users only need to insert money, receive tokens, and use them for a washing or drying cycle. By simply selecting a program, the washing machine automatically dispenses detergent using pumps and displays the time remaining until the end of the cycle."

"LG professional devices efficiently perform their tasks while users can relax with access to a coffee machine and free Wi-Fi," they say.

Results: Rapid business expansion

Wešeraj quickly built a loyal customer base and expanded its network by opening a second branch to meet the growing demand in Belgrade.

"The business expansion in less than two years is an outstanding achievement. It clearly shows that users acknowledge and value the high quality of the service. By following the expert team's proven guidelines, it is possible not only to quickly return the investment in equipment but also to generate the profit necessary for further investment."

With a clear vision and strong professional support, Wešeraj is forging a success story in the self-service laundromat industry.


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