Tourists love the self-service laundry in Pakoštane

Marina Knežević / 20.05.2024.

Pakoštane, a lovely town on the Dalmatian coast, has been drawing tourists for many years with its natural beauty, pristine sea, and laid-back atmosphere.

Where tourists stay, there is a need for self-service laundries, which prompted Mrs. Tina Pozinek Kostomaj to start her own laundry business. She turned to our Bright World team for support in choosing the best solution, and this is how this successful project was born.

Fast and practical

In the laundromat, we came across a loyal user, Dunja Antulov-Fantulin, a travel enthusiast who regularly visits numerous world destinations but every year returns to Pakoštane for some peace.

She shared with us her experience of using this modern laundromat:

"Traveling around the world, I'm used to using the services of self-service laundries. At the beginning of my travels, I used to carry a lot of clothes, but I quickly realized how impractical it was. Carrying large suitcases, baggage fees on planes, all the stress it brings - it's just not worth it. I learned the best trick from my fellow travelers - self-service laundries!"

When asked about her opinion on the LG professional devices in the laundry room, she responded:

"Fast, simple, quality! The instructions are clear, and the washing and drying process takes much less time than expected based on my experience at different laundries. And the results are amazing! I can quickly do my laundry and get back to enjoying my vacation."

Another thing that she noticed as an experienced user is the high standard of hygiene in the laundry. With BW automatic dosing pumps for detergents, there is no spillage. LG professional washing machines also have a tub cleaning system, which enables intensive cleaning after a working day and thus helps keep the washing machine clean even in the busiest locations.

"I always feel safe when I use this laundry. Everything is well maintained and always clean, which is very important to me, given that I have encountered all kinds of situations in the world," says Dunja.

She emphasizes how easy the self-service laundromat made her stay in her favorite summer destination:

"The laundromat is fantastic. I no longer need to worry about whether my beach towels and summer dresses will be clean when I need them the most. During those few days, the only thing on my mind is relaxing. I recommend this laundromat to everybody planning a visit to Pakoštane," concludes Dunja.


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